Role of Cosmic Process

Andrew Cohen talks about the role of cosmic process in awakening us to the deep perspective of ourselves. Learn more about how we can access our enlightened awareness and consciously create the future.

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The Different Stages of Enlightenment

Andrew Cohen defines the meaning of being enlightened and its different stages. Andrew tells us, what it is like to experience enlightened awareness. In addition, find out the role of culture in interpreting the experience of enlightenment.

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Awakening to the Consciousness

Andrew Cohen explains the meaning of awakening to the consciousness. He believes that awakening to the consciousness is the infinite ground in which the world emerges. Learn more about consciousness and how can awakening to the consciousness, give us a sense of freedom and be able to make different choices.

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The Old and New Enlightenment

Andrew Cohen talks about the three levels through which human beings experience a creative drive in their process. Andrew shares his views on how we can contribute to the world and the different expression between the old and the new enlightenment.

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Enlightenment and the Creative Impulse

Andrew Cohen shares his perspective on enlightenment. He believes that, being enlightened it to awaken the deeper part of the self. Andrew tells us about the new expression in the manifestation of enlightenment and the concept of the creative impulse in human beings.

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