Taking responsibility of our health problems

Lars Mygind believes that our body has the ability to repair itself and that we should take responsibility of our own health. Furthermore, find out Lars views on, what it means to be a META-Health practitioner.

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Changing the Perception of negative emotions

Lars Mygind shares with us details of his health problems and how META-Health helped him transform his thoughts and perceive his problems differently. Interesting enough, learn about our body’s response in the stress and regenerative phases and the effects of stress on our body.

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Solving Health Problems with META- Health

Lars Mygind, talks about his health issues and how with META-Health’s tools, he was able to treat the root causes of his health problems. Furthermore, to help us understand the efficacy of META-Health, Lars provides some examples of his experiences of health issues and how he treated them from META Health’s perspective.

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Unconscious Thoughts Can Affect Our Body

Lars Mygind, talks about how the thoughts at our unconscious level have the potential to affect our personality. Furthermore, Lars explains the process of the unconscious mind in storing information and how the thinking that occurs in our unconscious world can affect us in many ways.

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Prostate Cancer Approach

Lars Mygind, talks about prostrate and bladder related health issues and their right diagnosis. According to Lars, cancer is the most feared disease and the fear of it can have a tremendous impact on health. Furthermore, Lars talks about the method of approach involved when dealing with prostrate cancer.

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The Benefits of Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Lars Mygind, talks about the benefits of bringing healthy changes in diet and lifestyle to improve our bodily functions. Find out the reason why we fall sick after adopting a healthy diet or exercise regimen, as Lars talks about the stress and regeneration phases of our body’s self-healing process.

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Tackling Personal and Health Issues

Lars Mygind talks about his experiences of suffering from various health problems. Find out how Lars resolved his emotional conflicts in life, with the help of META- Health’s guidance to tackle his health problems.

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Our Purpose in Life

Lars Mygind believes that it can be quiet difficult when it comes to finding our true purpose in life. Furthermore, learn how extreme anger can affect our health, as Lars provides us with alternatives to control our reactions in any situation.

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Heart Health and Complications

Lars Mygind talks about the influence of emotions on our digestive system from the META-Health’s perspective. Learn how a person in a repair phase may still suffer from a heart attack, as Lars explains the cause for heart disease among young people.

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