Quest for Better Alternatives in Healthcare Sector

Yeliz Rugar talks about her medical condition and how she treated herself by opting for various health alternatives. Find out how she came across META-Health and found a different perspective to deal with her health issues.

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Balancing Emotions with Food

Yeliz Rugar talks about the Macrobiotic diet which is based on the oriental philosophy of the “yin- yang” principle of food. Find out how we can connect with our souls after we have control over our mind and emotions. In addition, Yeliz helps us to control the negative emotions that can affect our health by showing us the right foods to balance them.

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Defining Macrobiotic Diet

Yeliz Rugar talks about the classic and the modern method of looking at macrobiotic diet. She explains how we can maintain the yin and yang balance. Learn more about complementing this diet with Shiatsu therapies, as Yeliz believes macrobiotic is not just a diet, it is a way of living.

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Her Journey to Spirituality

Yeliz Rugar shares her inspiring story of suffering from a critical health condition and how her conscience inspired her to chose a different path for her treatment. Yeliz explains how she connected with her heart to look for the right ways and explore macrobiotic diets, Buddhism and other spiritual methods for holistic healing. Find out more about her journey, which helped Yeliz in connecting and disciplining herself holistically.

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Healing Through Meditation

Yeliz Rugar describes the process of healing through meditation. According to Yeliz, the stages in meditation help to lower the vibration in the body. Find out why for some people it is difficult to practice meditation, as Yeliz provides some alternatives for practicing meditation daily.

Holistic; Healing; Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Tools; Ego; Example; Reset; Brain, Four Phases Of Vibration; Comma

State of Oneness- Her Experience

Yeliz Rugar talks about experiencing her state of consciousness and oneness and she describes it as, connecting with the “We”, during the difficult situations in life. Learn how Yeliz felt connected with her complete self and why she thinks it is important to have a sense of presence in every situation.

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Science and Spirituality Can Work Together!

Yeliz Rugar provides an interesting study about how emotions are capable of affecting our body and have the potential to change the vibrations in our body. Yeliz believes that, spirituality and science can work together in healing people and treating their health problems. In addition, find out her views on spirituality as an approach in health care.

Science; Spirituality; Sickness; Love; Weird Colors; Vibration; Cells; Soul; Connection; Balance; Grateful; Meditation