The Art And Science Of Self-Healing # 7: What Are Lifestyle Prescriptions?

Johannes R. Fisslinger tells us about the process involved in Lifestyle prescriptions. Find out how we can make the necessary interventions to enhance our self-healing process and improve the quality of approach in treating our health issues.

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The Art And Science Of Self-Healing # 1: Welcome

Johannes R. Fisslinger welcomes us to The Art and Science of Self-Healing series. Learn more about the objectives of Lifestyle Prescriptions and become aware of the body-mind-lifestyle connection and our natural self-healing abilities. Furthermore, we look at the alternatives for holistic approach in treating any medical condition.

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Are You Afraid Of Your Viruses & Bacteria? Part #1

Christa Krahnert, Naturopathic Doctor, will show you a completely new perspective of our microorganisms and how they are actually not something we should fear but rather learn about and embrace. Learn more about Powerstrips, Ketopia.

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Achieving Good Health And Identifying Your Stressors

Kwesi Anan Odum, MD, shares his views on good health and what health means to him. In addition, Dr. Kwesi talks about handling stress by identifying the positive and negative stressors in our life.

Defining; Good Health; Identifying Stress; Happens; Life; Stresses; Peace; Objective; Differentiating; Between Good; Bad; Stress; Empowers; Disturbs

Why Is Yoga For Everybody – Even For You!

Titans of Yoga Series:

Lilias Folan, believes that one of the best things about yoga practice is experiencing the negative emotions leave your body. She talks about, how we can release the conflicting emotions of anger, sadness, depression, etc., through breathing techniques. In addition, find out why Lilias believes that yoga is for everybody.

Yoga; Everybody; Anger; Leaves; Practice Yoga; Depression; Released; Beauties; Mental Health; Stress Management; Institutes; Nursing Homes

The Power Of Energy Healing and Meditation

Deborah King, discusses the effectiveness of meditation and energy healing. She explains that, our spirit and energy fields need the sustenance, which we can get from practicing different techniques. Learn about the different techniques for sustaining our energy fields and the efficacy of  meditation and energy healing.

Energy Healing; Meditation; Spirit ; Yoga; Force Field; Mother Earth Energy; Grounding Energy; Sustenance; Meditation Heals; Body, Mind; Train; Brain; Practice; Daily; Fearful; Insomnia; Rebalancing; Problems

Positive Lifestyle Changes With Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Dean Ornish, MD, helps us understand that healthy lifestyle modifications with yoga are highly sustainable, as yoga helps us to work and unite with our body at a much deeper level. Find out how we can learn to love ourselves and others through the philosophy of yoga.

Positive; Lifestyle Changes; Yoga; Sustainable; Motivating; Work In A Deeper Level; Loneliness; Depression; Isolation; Nuclear; Spiritual Place; Union; People; Connected; Philosophy

A New Focus On The Diabetes Pandemic

Diana Stefani, MD, focuses on the current scenario of diabetes and how the complications of diabetes can further lead to psychological problems. Learn about the factors of Diabetes pandemic and the complications associated with it.

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Knowing The Root-Causes Of Anxiety

Friedemann Schaub, MD, talks about addressing anxiety issues by treating its root causes. Find out the three most common root causes of anxiety. In addition, Schaub shows us how to correctly approach the causes of anxiety and outgrow it rather than suppress it further.

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Fixing Obesity is Not Complicated!

David Katz, MD, focuses on obesity – a common health problem faced by modern society. David believes that, if we equip ourselves with legitimate information about food and nutrition, the problem of obesity and chronic illnesses can be corrected. Learn more from David, as he shows us how fixing the problem of obesity and chronic issues is not as complicated as it seems to appear.

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Impact of Sugar on Our Body

John and Ocean Robbins believe that, sugar is the worst of all foods, as sugary foods can cause fluctuations in our blood sugar levels and weight gain. Get to know the facts about different types of sugars present in our food and how they can affect the functions and health of our body.

Impact; High Fructose Syrup, Nutritive Value; Steady; Vibrancy; Fluctuations; Blood Sugar Levels; Energy Levels; Challenges; Affect; Health; Nutrients; Body; Fruits; Illness; Empty Calories

Negative Emotions and Limiting Self-Beliefs

Tad and Adriana James talk about how our negative emotions and limiting beliefs affect our health. They discuss several clinical studies that show us, how anger and limiting beliefs can affect the important organs of the body. Find out why we should not suppress the emotions in our body and how nurturing self-limiting thoughts affect our health.

Negative Emotions; Self-Beliefs; Impact; Heart Health, Immune System; Anger; Dissociate; Anger Being Repressed, Body; Anger; Express, Affect You; Plagues; Self-Worth; Not Good Enough, Not Capable Enough; Consciousness; Permanently Feeling; Scientific Proof, Cat Scan; Brain; Limiting Decisions; Root Cause; Ability; Emotion

How Does The Placebo And Nocebo Effect Influence You?

David Hamilton, PhD, discusses the concept of placebo and nocebo effect and every thought process causes changes in the brain chemistry. Find out David’s views on the negative and positive thoughts that we have towards people and how our expectations and beliefs can create changes in our body chemistry and life.

Belief Effect; Placebo Effect; Nocebo Effect; Expectation; Biology; Brain; Example; Mechanical Changing; Morphine; Painkiller; Brain Chemistry; Double Effect; Expect To Get Worse; Symptom; Opposite; Pessimist; Thought; What You Think, What You Expect, What You Believe; Blood Vessels; Stress And Heart Disease; Negative Attitude

Love Your Super Foods, Herbs and Avocado!

David Wolfe shares his views on certain categories of food that he believes, should be included in our diet. Learn more about the certain types of fat that are healthy and food choices that you need to make, as David gives his recommendations on a range of healthy and nutritious super foods and herbs.

Super Foods; Herbs; Green Leafy Vegetables; Blood; Magnesium; Neutralizer; Salad Vegetable; Fiber; Fat; Raw Food; Super Saturated Natural Oil, Coconut Oil, Raw Organic Butter, Olive Oil; Live Cultures; Fermented Food; Friendly Bacteria; Allies; Acidophilus; Herbal Properties; Mushroom

Philosophy of Integrative Medicine

Erminia Guarneri, MD, talks about educating her patients about the philosophy of integrative medicine and using the complementary alternatives in her treatment approach. In addition, find out what Erminia means by natural medicine and her strategy to reduce a patient’s dependency on medications.

Philosophy; Integrative Medicine; Dependency; Medications; Example; Nutrition; Clean Air; Social Connection; Reverse; Prevent; Disease Process; Global Healing; Natural Medicine; Less Medication; Path To Healing; Tools; Nutrition; Micronutrient; Medicinal Food; Fitness; Complementary Alternatives

Why is Breathing A Powerful Tool Fo Mind Body Integration?

Titans of Yoga Series:

Gurmukh Khalsa talks about the importance of breathing and how it influences our mind to respond to various situations. Moreover, Gurmukh believes that, many people don’t breathe properly and therefore shows us some of the proper breathing techniques.

Breathing; Mind; Thinking; Emotions; Interaction; Important; Heals; Balance; Right; Left; Body; Functions; Temperament; Proper Breathing Techniques; Yoga


Creating Nutrition Awareness in Supermarkets

Lene Hansson believes that, many of our habits are connected to our feelings, due to which we indulge in foods for comfort. Lene shares her views on the current food trends in the school canteen and public places. Furthermore, learn about her efforts in changing the food trends to creating awareness of proper food and nutrition in supermarkets.

Habits; Create; Nutrition Awareness; Connected; Feelings; Supermarket; Lifestyle; Permanently; Nutrition; Healthy; Change; Habits; School Canteens; Menu; Nutritionist

Yoga As a Preventive Model in Healthcare

Beth Shaw gives her advice to people wanting to become yoga teacher or practitioner. According to Beth, people need to be educated about health and nutrition, so that we can empower them to take care of themselves. As various studies are emphasizing on the health benefits of yoga, get to know Beth’s opinion about making Yoga as a preventive model in health care.

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Integrating Healthy Eating, Yoga and Mindfulness

Dashama provides us some tips for shopping healthy foods and including nutritious foods in our diet.  Find out her views on different foods such as packaged foods, soy products, goat’s cheese, meat products and the importance of foods in promoting mindfulness.

Junk; Fried Food; Processed Food; Oil; Sugar; Eliminate Soya; Got Milk, Got Cheese; Animal Protein; Shopping; Nutritious; Packaged; Mindfulness

Healing Emotional Challenges With Energy Psychology

Gary Craig discusses his work with the war veterans in helping them resolve their emotional conflicts with EFT. According to Gary, we use a lot of energy for fighting with our hidden resentments without realizing its harmful effects on our health. In addition, we look at several cases where EFT techniques helped people treat their health issues by resolving their inner conflicts.

Emotional Issues; Veterans; Resolve; Healing; Energy Psychology; Back Pain; Subsiding; Contribute; Clues; Emotional Drivers;  Example;  Emotional Freedom Technique; EFT;  Tapping

Finding Our Purpose In Life with Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Shiva Rea believes that everything we are born with and experience in life is a gift, so that we can find our purpose in life. Shiva explains how everything has a pattern and how yoga works its way to align us with that pattern and fulfill our aspirations in life. Find out the three combinations of yoga and their significance in helping us explore our actual potential.

Purpose; Life; Yoga; Alignment; Profound; Fulfilling; Pattern; Gifted; Realizing; Combinations; Aspirations; Circumstances; Spontaneous; Grace; Receive; Destiny; Directions; Tool; Support; Actual; Potential; Knowledge; Act; Transition