Interpreting Anxiety and Depression

Kim Knight aka the Kiwi Health Detective, explains the Mickel Therapy- a novel technique in interpreting the symptoms of psychological disorders: anxiety and depression. In addition, understand how to interpret the symptoms of chronic illness in order to clear the feelings of anxiety and depression out of your life.

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Introduction: Factors Causing Illnesses

Kim Knight aka the Kiwi Health Detective, gives a brief introduction on the factors that cause illnesses. Moreover, how often do we look beyond a physical cause to know what creates an illness or a disease? In this series, Kim throws light on the various factors that can contribute to an illness and how to deal with them effectively.

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Integrating META-Health with Traditional Medical Approach

Cindy Hubbka talks about integrating META-Health with the traditional medical approach. Find out the ways in which she uses the concept of META-Health in connecting with her patients at an emotional level, as she believes that dealing with our emotional issues can ease the self-healing process.

Integrate; META-Health; Traditional Approach; Steps; Patient; Emotional; Believing; Ability; Heal; Ourselves; Illness; Connect

Quest for Better Alternatives in Healthcare Sector

Yeliz Rugar talks about her medical condition and how she treated herself by opting for various health alternatives. Find out how she came across META-Health and found a different perspective to deal with her health issues.

Diagnosed; Bleeding; Medical Condition; Different; Alternatives; Treat, Ovarian Cyst, Ovarian Cancer

Finding Contentment Within Ourselves

Kazuyo Kano shares with us details of her professional background and her transition from the marketing industry to healthcare. Learn about her challenges in matters relating to health and the steps she took to overcome her illness.

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Working as a META-Health practitioner

LJ Hunyadi talks about his experience of working as a META-health practitioner and helping people achieve their goals in life. In addition, he provides us with his perspective of good health and the key message of META-Health.

People; Achieve; Goal; Experience; META-Health; Insomnia; Bipolar Disorder; Fatigue, Stress; Good Health; Message

Taking responsibility of our health problems

Lars Mygind believes that our body has the ability to repair itself and that we should take responsibility of our own health. Furthermore, find out Lars views on, what it means to be a META-Health practitioner.

Body; Repair; Conscious; Biological Process; Ability; Repair; Responsibility; Health; Experiences; META-Health; Practitioner

Changing the Perception of negative emotions

Lars Mygind shares with us details of his health problems and how META-Health helped him transform his thoughts and perceive his problems differently. Interesting enough, learn about our body’s response in the stress and regenerative phases and the effects of stress on our body.

Good Health; META-Health Meaning; Help; Understand; Specific; Body; Reaction; Emotions; Concept; Stress; Regenerative; Phase; Effects.; Stress; Life

Yoga and Self-Acceptance

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe explains how yoga teaches us self-acceptance, as she believes that the way we treat ourselves, eventually affects the world. In addition, Sara helps us understand, why it is important to love ourselves truly, regardless of our imperfections.

Yoga; Self-Acceptance; Treat; Affect; World; Microcosm; Self-Love; Battles; Challenges; Imperfections; Mistakes; Sorrows; Unhappiness; Resentments; Punish; Blame

Concept of Sustainability

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe believes that, people often fail to understand the concept of sustainability in yoga. Learn how we can use our body’s resources more sustainably and in turn enhance our yoga practice.

Concept; Sustainability; Body’s Resources; Exhausted; Tired; Improper; Yoga; Practice; Fighting; Stressed Out; Improper Breath; Yogis; Align; Purpose; Vishnu; Ramayana; Incarnation; Enlightened; Meditation; Deep Breathing; Awakened

Key Features of Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe highlights the key features about yoga practice and the aspects of yoga that help people to exist in harmony. Furthermore, Sara talks about how people are able to relate to yoga differently and hence, the reason to practice yoga varies.

Key Features; Yoga; Reason; Different; Path; Powerful; Yoga Practice; Cuts Across Caste; Hatha Yoga; Physical Aspect; Breathing; Meditation; Exist; Harmony


Channelize Your Energy with Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe talks about how yoga helped her to channelize her energy in the right direction. Furthermore, find out why Sara believes that, yoga acts as a tool, to understand ourselves better and focus our energy in an appropriate manner.

Channelize; Energy; Yoga Practice; Suit; High Energy; Channelize; Right Way; Focus; Allows; One Direction; Understand; Ourselves; Deep Breathing; Meditation; Asanas; Control

Yoga – Different Perspective to Problems

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe talks about how yoga gave her the ability to perceive her health problems differently. In addition, find out how with the help of Yoga Nidra, Sara was able to deal with her severe health issue of insomnia.

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Solving Health Problems with META- Health

Lars Mygind, talks about his health issues and how with META-Health’s tools, he was able to treat the root causes of his health problems. Furthermore, to help us understand the efficacy of META-Health, Lars provides some examples of his experiences of health issues and how he treated them from META Health’s perspective.

Solve; Health Problems; META- Health; Back Pain; Knee Problems; Self Value; Repair Phase; Relieve Fear; Health Issues

Unconscious Thoughts Can Affect Our Body

Lars Mygind, talks about how the thoughts at our unconscious level have the potential to affect our personality. Furthermore, Lars explains the process of the unconscious mind in storing information and how the thinking that occurs in our unconscious world can affect us in many ways.

Unconscious; Thoughts; Affect; Body; Unconscious World; Affect; Physical Self; Understanding Yourself; Doctor; META Health; Book

Prostate Cancer Approach

Lars Mygind, talks about prostrate and bladder related health issues and their right diagnosis. According to Lars, cancer is the most feared disease and the fear of it can have a tremendous impact on health. Furthermore, Lars talks about the method of approach involved when dealing with prostrate cancer.

Prostate Cancer; Approach; Territory, Job; Sport Club; Example; PSA Test; Fear Disease; A Process; Cause; Combination; Genes, Environment; Conflicts; Shocks; Believe; Radiation; Aloe Vera; Biological Process; Bladder

The Benefits of Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Lars Mygind, talks about the benefits of bringing healthy changes in diet and lifestyle to improve our bodily functions. Find out the reason why we fall sick after adopting a healthy diet or exercise regimen, as Lars talks about the stress and regeneration phases of our body’s self-healing process.

Benefits; Healthy Diet; Lifestyle; Exercise; Better; Sleep Better; Huge Impact; Lifestyle Changes; Fever; Fall Sick; Pain; Supplement

Objective of Meta-Health

Susanne Billander, provides her definition of META-Health and its objective in the healthcare system. In addition, she shares with us her experiences, which came from guiding people to find their abundance in life.

META-Health; Message; Objective; Convey; Personal; Experiences; Practice; Guidance; Abundance

Transformation with META-Health

Susanne Billander, shares her story of transforming through the practice of META-Health. Moreover, find out about her perception of good health and the reason why the terms involved in complementary medicine can be difficult for people to understand.

Transformation; META-Health; Natural; Logical; Path; Started; Huge; Transformation; Unique;Inspired; Good Health; Difficult; Understand; Complementary; Medicine

Working on a Deep Emotional Level

Jasmina Kovacev, shares her perspective on good health. She talks about her experience of working with people to deal their emotional issues at a deep core level for holistic transformation. In addition, find out what META-Health means to her and how has it helped her in solving her personal issues in life.

Working; Deeper; Core; Issues; Emotional; Good Health; Define; Experience; Inner Peace; Help; Change; Nutrition; Important; Integrate; Holistic Level; Transformation; META-Health

Curiosity to Reach Optimum Health

Jasmina Kovacev, talks about the series of events, which made her consider the different options that could help her achieve optimum health. Join Jasmina in her inspiring story, as she describes the various health problems of her family and eventually finding META-Health to remedy her situation.

Curiosity; Reach; Optimum; Health; Health Condition; Sickness; Herbal Medicine; Journey; Insights; Suffering; Psychosomatic Issues; META-Health; Emotional Freedom Techniques; EFT; Illness

Resolving Emotional Conflicts

Hasse Poulsen, talks about the various alternatives he had used to treat his emotional issues. He discusses the ways through which he instilled positive thoughts back into his life. Furthermore, learn about Hasse’s thoughts on good health and how META-Health helped him to be proactive and see the positive side of things.

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