Need For Health Education

Beth Shaw believes that, instead of fast food joints there should be awareness of healthy food joints. According to Beth, with the right kind of approach such as, health education at an early age can help prevent people from making the wrong food choices.  As a yoga expert, find out Beth’s views on making the right kind of approach, so that people make healthy food choices rather than dining at popular fast food joints.

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Yoga and Its Benefits

Beth Shaw talks about her program-Yoga Fit Warriors, which helps war veterans overcome their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression or anxiety, etc. Learn how yoga can be effective in treating several health disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, to name a few.

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About Yoga Fit and Community Work

Beth Shaw shares information about her community-based yoga teaching, which mainly focuses on introducing yoga to the less privileged people. As she is actively involved in creating fundraisers for animal rights protection, she provides in-depth information about her work for animal rights. Find more information about her projects that she describes it as “Karma Yoga”- giving back and being of service.

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Yoga As a Preventive Model in Healthcare

Beth Shaw gives her advice to people wanting to become yoga teacher or practitioner. According to Beth, people need to be educated about health and nutrition, so that we can empower them to take care of themselves. As various studies are emphasizing on the health benefits of yoga, get to know Beth’s opinion about making Yoga as a preventive model in health care.

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Practicing Yoga- Her Story

Dashama talks about her rough childhood and the challenges she went through life due to her mother’s illness. Learn how she suffered from a spinal injury, which led her to practice yoga and recover from her condition.

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Defining Yoga

Dashama defines yoga as the science that helps us to connect deeply and heal in a holistic way. She helps us understand the contrasting picture of yoga and its application in the eastern and western culture. In addition, Dashama guides us on how we can select a right yoga teacher and a style that is appropriate for us.

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The Key Benefits of Yoga

Dashama shares her experience of practicing yoga and suggests that people should enjoy doing it and make it a habit. Learn more about the health benefits of yoga and how its integration into our lifestyle can help us to be more balanced and mindful of the environment.

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Mindfulness Techniques

Dashama describes mindfulness as a technique of being aware of our thoughts and actions. According to Dashama, mindfulness helps us to observe our thoughts and  transform the negative thoughts into positive emotions. Join Dashama in her mindfulness practice, as she shows an easy one-minute technique for practicing mindfulness on a daily basis.

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Her Obsession with Nutrition

Dashama believes that any disease is preventable, provided there is proper guidance of yoga and nutrition. Learn about her obsession with nutrition , as Dashama shares her interesting profile of working as a nutritional and diet coach apart from teaching yoga to people.

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Integrating Healthy Eating, Yoga and Mindfulness

Dashama provides us some tips for shopping healthy foods and including nutritious foods in our diet.  Find out her views on different foods such as packaged foods, soy products, goat’s cheese, meat products and the importance of foods in promoting mindfulness.

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New Way of Living Through Yoga

Dashama believes that, it is important that we adopt a physically active and healthy lifestyle, while making the right food choices. According to Dashama, the techniques of yoga practice can release the trapped emotions and energy inside our body. Furthermore, find out why Dashama suggests everyone to practice yoga and make it a way of life.

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