Epigenetics and Spiritual Healing

Joanne Ross and Rob Waghmare believe that our spiritual development is influenced by the interaction between our mind, body, and soul. According to them, the Science of Epigenetics is connected with our belief system. Find out more about their perspective on spiritual development and its significance in our lives.

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Beliefs and Mental Health Issues

Joanne Ross and Rob Waghmare discuss the connection between our belief system and physiological issues. Find out how our disturbed emotions, thoughts and feelings can unite to form the basis of anxiety, depression and other psychological stress disorders.

Anxiety; Mental Health Disorder; Beliefs; Physiological Issues; Unconscious; Biologically, Feel Frighten; Threat; Disease Programming; Level Of Sensitivity; Fear; Judgment; Self Sufficient; Complex; Unsafe

Different Models of META-Health Analysis

Joanne Ross and Rob Waghmare explain the various tools of META-Health analysis in approach of any health issue. Learn how our fears can influence our perception towards treating an illness and create a barrier in our body’s self-healing process. In addition, Joanne and Rob help us understand the different models of the META-Health Analysis.

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Connection Between Symptoms and Emotions

Joanne Ross and Rob Waghmare talk about how META-Health focuses on development at a primary level and the connection of any symptom with our emotions. Find out how we can find a connection between the symptom and our unresolved conflicts by listening and tuning into our emotions.

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Overcoming Our Fears

Joanne Ross and Rob Waghmare tell us why we need to overcome our fears and work towards fulfilling our purpose in life.  Find out how we can overcome our fear and self-beliefs to help ourselves grow with self-acceptance and compassion for others.

Self-Acceptance; Self-Love; Letting Go; Overcome; Fear; Self-belief Being Comfortable; Compassion; Ourselves; Gratitude; Identifying; Emotions; Careful

Transformation Through META-Health

Jon Robson helps us understand the concept of being META-Healthy and the META-Medicine model. He shares with us, some of his personal experiences of discovering META-Health and positively transforming his life through it. Learn how Jon was able to resolve his personal conflicts and health issues with META-Health to bring healthy transformation in his life.

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Body Is Our Greatest Teacher!

Jon Robson believes that our body communicates with us through symptoms and illnesses. According to Jon, the body sends even bigger signals in the form of symptoms that progress to major health problems such as diabetes, heart disorder or chronic illness. Find out how our body communicates with us to address our underlying conflicts or unresolved emotions.

Body Language; Signals; Communicate; Pain; Migraine; Cancer; Split Lip; Louder; Five Principles; Afraid; Symptoms; Illnesses; Major Disease; Communicating

Yoga – Engage in a Healing Process

Titans of Yoga Series:

Shiva Rea talks about the different ways in which yoga can help us heal holistically. Learn about Shiva’s perception of the yoga trance dance and she encourages everyone to experience and engage in the healing path of yoga.

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Chronic Fatigue and Resolving Conflicts

Jon Robson explains that our illnesses are a result of our mind-body response to emotions.  According to Jon, diseases are an expression of our polarized mind based on our infatuations and resentments. Learn more about understanding the body’s intelligence in terms of chronic fatigue and dealing with our blocked energy.

Chronic Fatigue; Resolving; Conflicts; Mind-Body Connection; Response; Emotions; Body’s Intelligence; Downward Causation; Physiology; Polarized Mind; Infatuation; Resentment; Two Phases Model; Wise Idle; Personal Values; Genius Mind


Recovery from Back Injury

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sharon Gannon talks about her interest in alchemy and her experience of working as a librarian which got her into reading books on yoga. Find out how yoga played an important role in helping Sharon recover from her back injury, and look at her problems from a different perspective.

Alchemy; Investigation; Subjects; Librarian; Philosophy; Yoga; Practice; Meditation; Recovered; Back Injury; Yoga Classes; Influence; Self-Aware

Taking Conscious Actions

Jon tells us how we need to take conscious actions in balancing our positive and negative feelings or desires. According to Jon, we need to analyze the relationship that we have with ourselves. Find out how we can bring polarized equations of infatuations and resentments together to maintain the equilibrium in our life.

Awareness; Conscious; Actions; Inspire; Positive; Negative; Feelings; Desires; Discover; Polarized Perception; Relationship; Monopolar; Bipolar; Addiction; Equilibrium; Infatuations; Resentments

Understanding Migraines and Headaches

Jon Robson believes that by understanding the brain relays, we can resolve migraines and headaches. Jon shares his experience of learning from his personal conflicts to determine the cause of his migraine. In addition, we look at how migraines relate to the various conflicts or emotions in our life, when they remain unresolved or trapped in our body.

Migraines; Headaches; Brain Involved; Brain Relays; Conflicts; Emotions; Healing Peak; Stuck; Inside; Trouble Communicating; Unresolved; Trapped; Significant


Animal Cruelty

Sharon Gannon shares her views on the subject of animal abuse and our relationship with animals. Get to know how Sharon became aware of the issues related to animal cruelty and why she believes that animals are treated as slaves.

Relationship; Animals; Inhumane; Treatment; Film; Slaves; Vegetarian; Emotions; Cruelty

Stress and Regeneration Phase Symptoms

Jon Robson talks about how any disease process can show different symptoms and therefore they become difficult to diagnose. In this interesting conversation with Jon, learn about the symptoms of the stress and regeneration phase, and their relation with several health problems.

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Awareness of Symptoms

Jon Robson believes that treating a pain in a particular area can sometimes require a lot of effort. His advice is to create a deeper understanding of the cause with respect to the emotional conflicts or resentments. In addition, we understand Jon’s views on becoming aware of the symptoms and responding to them correctly.

Back Pain; Treating; Awareness; Metaphor; Movement; Appreciation; Relax; Life; Pain; Chronic Pain; Symptoms; Deeper; Understanding; Emotional Conflicts; Resentments

Feeling of Guilt or Blame

Jon Robson helps us understand that there is no space for blame in the self-healing process and that a disease is just our body’s way of giving feedback about our health. Find out how we can deal with guilt or blame and look at our health problems from a different perspective.

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Body Pain and Their Different Metaphors

Jon Robson explains the problem in different areas of the body and their specific metaphors to the personal issues in our life.  According to Jon, we need to relate the function of the body with the metaphors in our life. Moreover, we look at Jon’s experience of helping people deal with their health problems through META-Health’s guidance.

Self Devaluation Conflict; Body Pain; Different Metaphors; Personal Issues; Shoulder; Legs; Weakness; Responsibility; Example; Spontaneous Remission; Self-Infatuation; Balance; Mind; Benefits; Know; Conflict; Unique Mission; Purpose; Live; Congruently; Integrity

Tackling Personal and Health Issues

Lars Mygind talks about his experiences of suffering from various health problems. Find out how Lars resolved his emotional conflicts in life, with the help of META- Health’s guidance to tackle his health problems.

Symptoms; Impotent; Personal; Healthy Sex Life; Suffering; Unhappy; Pain; Fungus; Too Dry; Unhealthy Lifestyle; Tackle; Health Issues; Started Releasing Emotions; Clear That Story; Territorial Anger; META- Health; Counselling; Conflicts

Our Purpose in Life

Lars Mygind believes that it can be quiet difficult when it comes to finding our true purpose in life. Furthermore, learn how extreme anger can affect our health, as Lars provides us with alternatives to control our reactions in any situation.

Easy; Purpose; Life; Isolation; Spiritual Exercise; Extreme Anger; Resentments; Shout; Scream; Loud; Fights; Relationship; Rough; Adrenal Fatigue; Rat Race; Overcompensate; Sacrifice; Pillow Scream; Story; Let Go; Anger; Breath Work; Alternatives

Heart Health and Complications

Lars Mygind talks about the influence of emotions on our digestive system from the META-Health’s perspective. Learn how a person in a repair phase may still suffer from a heart attack, as Lars explains the cause for heart disease among young people.

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Global Warming and Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sharon Gannon discusses how our actions and cultural relationship with nature has led to the problem of global crisis. According to Sharon, veganism and the philosophy of yoga can help us exist in harmony with nature. Learn more about the yoga practices and how we can create a balance in our cultural relationship with nature.

Actions; Cultural Relationship; Yogis; Veganism; Meat; Philosophy; Global Warming; Harmony; Exist; Balance; Yoga Practice; Meditation


Understanding the Message of Patanjali

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sharon Gannon discusses the various concepts of a yogic lifestyle. According to Sharon, it is important that we understand the message of Patanjali to make a connection with the earth. Furthermore, we look at creating a mutual relationship with our environment through yogic asanas and meditation.

Yogic Lifestyle; Patanjali; Asanas; Meditation; Earth; Connection; Environment; Mutual; Benefit; Enlightened; Harmony; Relationship; Creatures; Dominate; Habits


Asanas and Their Purpose in Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sharon Gannon believes that, healing can take place through the practice of yoga; as she talks about the specific postures in yoga practice that depict the specific relationships in our lives. Learn more about healing through different asanas or postures of yoga and create opportunities to resolve our underlying conflicts.

Asana; Different; Purpose; Addresses; Enlightenment; Depict; Relationships; Access; Yogic Lifestyle; Patanjali