Role of Cosmic Process

Andrew Cohen talks about the role of cosmic process in awakening us to the deep perspective of ourselves. Learn more about how we can access our enlightened awareness and consciously create the future.

Role; Cosmic Process; Awakening; Deep Perspective; Important; Evolution; Cultural Revolution; Greatest Gift; Universe; Consciously; Access; Enlightened Awareness


The Different Stages of Enlightenment

Andrew Cohen defines the meaning of being enlightened and its different stages. Andrew tells us, what it is like to experience enlightened awareness. In addition, find out the role of culture in interpreting the experience of enlightenment.

Different; Stages; Enlightenment; Experiencing; Awareness; Consciousness; Role; Culture; Interpreting; Experience; Enlightened

Awakening to the Consciousness

Andrew Cohen explains the meaning of awakening to the consciousness. He believes that awakening to the consciousness is the infinite ground in which the world emerges. Learn more about consciousness and how can awakening to the consciousness, give us a sense of freedom and be able to make different choices.

Awakening; Consciousness; Infinite; Ground; Entire; World; Emerges; Awaken; Experience; Freedom; Different Choices; Nature; Mind; Happens

The Old and New Enlightenment

Andrew Cohen talks about the three levels through which human beings experience a creative drive in their process. Andrew shares his views on how we can contribute to the world and the different expression between the old and the new enlightenment.

Old; New; Enlightenment; Desire; Exist; Creative Process; Three Levels; Experience Drive; Creative Process; Awaken; Consciousness; Expression; Higher Purpose; Contribute; World; Different

Enlightenment and the Creative Impulse

Andrew Cohen shares his perspective on enlightenment. He believes that, being enlightened it to awaken the deeper part of the self. Andrew tells us about the new expression in the manifestation of enlightenment and the concept of the creative impulse in human beings.

Enlightenment; Creative Impulse Awakening; Deeper Part; Self; Yoga; Manifestation; New Expression

Quest for Better Alternatives in Healthcare Sector

Yeliz Rugar talks about her medical condition and how she treated herself by opting for various health alternatives. Find out how she came across META-Health and found a different perspective to deal with her health issues.

Diagnosed; Bleeding; Medical Condition; Different; Alternatives; Treat, Ovarian Cyst, Ovarian Cancer

Finding Contentment Within Ourselves

Kazuyo Kano shares with us details of her professional background and her transition from the marketing industry to healthcare. Learn about her challenges in matters relating to health and the steps she took to overcome her illness.

Unhealthy; Illness; body; Reason; Ph Balance; Acidity; Alkalinity; Process; Experience; coach; Nutritional Balance; Emotional; Explore; Definite; Connection; META-Health; Dimension; Mind; Good Health

Treating Nervous Breakdown

Penny Croal discusses her experiences of suffering from nervous breakdown and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Learn the ways through which she came across META-Health, as she further tells us why it is difficult for people to understand the concept of META-Health.

Nervous Breakdown; Changing; Careers; Bipolar; Discover; META-Health; Difficult; Understand; Concept


Awareness of the Science of Epigenetics

Penny Croal discusses the awareness of the science of epigenetics among the emerging scientists. She further believes that, the conventional medicine and Integrative Medicine should collaborate on a common platform to enhance the quality of the modern healthcare system.

Awareness; Epigenetics; Powerful; Emerging; Scientists; Integrating; Holistic; Medicine; Defines; Good Health; Beauty; META-Health

Fundamentals of Self-Healing

Pedram Shojai believes in the body’s healing intelligence, as he shares with us the fundamentals of self-healing. Furthermore, Pedram shows us a completely new perspective of healing ourselves by changing our belief systems.

Examples; Miracles; Spontaneous; Healing; Challenge; Belief; Systems; Experience; Healing; Taking; Scientific; Methodologies; Explains; Fundamentals; Self-Healing

Influence of Emotions and Our Body’s Response During Stress

Pedram Shojai talks about the influence of emotions on the mind-body connection and our body’s response during stress. Interesting enough, find out the role of social media in portraying health and wellness and what can we do to improve our health and environment.

Influence; Emotions; Mind-Body connection; Stress; Affect; Response; Improve; Health; Environment; Live; Social Media; Create; Hurdles; Communication; Great; Tool; Reaching; Millions; People; Social Media

Working as a META-Health practitioner

LJ Hunyadi talks about his experience of working as a META-health practitioner and helping people achieve their goals in life. In addition, he provides us with his perspective of good health and the key message of META-Health.

People; Achieve; Goal; Experience; META-Health; Insomnia; Bipolar Disorder; Fatigue, Stress; Good Health; Message

Need for Improving Diagnosis

LJ Hunyadi talks about the turning point in his life which made him realize the need to optimize his diagnostic methods. Having suffered from insomnia, bipolar disorder, stress and other psychological problems, learn about the challenges he faced to overcome them.

Diagnostics; Video Engineer; Designing; Medical Equipments; Plenty; Health; Issues; Insomnia; Bipolar Disorder; Fatigue, Stress

Taking responsibility of our health problems

Lars Mygind believes that our body has the ability to repair itself and that we should take responsibility of our own health. Furthermore, find out Lars views on, what it means to be a META-Health practitioner.

Body; Repair; Conscious; Biological Process; Ability; Repair; Responsibility; Health; Experiences; META-Health; Practitioner

Changing the Perception of negative emotions

Lars Mygind shares with us details of his health problems and how META-Health helped him transform his thoughts and perceive his problems differently. Interesting enough, learn about our body’s response in the stress and regenerative phases and the effects of stress on our body.

Good Health; META-Health Meaning; Help; Understand; Specific; Body; Reaction; Emotions; Concept; Stress; Regenerative; Phase; Effects.; Stress; Life

Adrenal Medulla: Hypertension, Tremble, Sweating

Root-Causes Series:

Johannes R. Fisslinger explores the root causes of symptoms related to the adrenal medulla such as, hypertension, trembling and sweating. Discover the importance of the adrenal gland medulla tissue for our optimum health and balance in life.

Adrenal Medulla; Root causes; Symptoms; Increased Dopamine, Nor-Adrenaline, Adrenaline Hormone Production, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Tremble, Rapid Heartbeat (Tachycardia), Sweating, Adrenal Gland Tumor, Normalization of Stress Hormones

Adrenal Cortex: Stressed Fatigue, Weakness

Root-Causes Series:

Johannes R. Fisslinger throws light on the root causes of symptoms such as, stressed fatigue, weakness, and apathy, which we often experience in our lives. Discover the importance of the adrenal cortex glands in regulating our energy levels, our drive, and passion for life.

Adrenal Cortex Glands; Root causes; Symptoms; Lower Corticosteroid Hormone Production, Stressed Fatigue, Overall Weakness, Lack of Energy, High Blood Pressure, Waterhouse-Friderichsen-Syndrome, Addison’s disease, Increased Cortisol Levels, Adrenal Cyst

Super Foods Part 1: Gut Health, Minerals and Phytoplankton

Christa Krahnert, Naturopathic Doctor shares her experience and wisdom from over 25 years working with patients and how super foods can lay the foundation for a healthy gut microbiome and stimulate your body’s self-healing abilities. Learn more about Powerstrips, Ketopia.

Nutrition, Diets, Microbiome, Gut Health, Leaky Gut, Minerals, Mineral Phytoplankton, Phytonutrients, Phytochemicals, Vitality, Longevity, Bioavailability, Bioavailable Minerals, Vitamins

The Art And Science Of Self-Healing # 7: What Are Lifestyle Prescriptions?

Johannes R. Fisslinger tells us about the process involved in Lifestyle prescriptions. Find out how we can make the necessary interventions to enhance our self-healing process and improve the quality of approach in treating our health issues.

Lifestyle Prescriptions; Lifestyle Medicine; Art; Science; Self-Healing; Objectives; Educate; Inspire; Awareness; Body-Mind Connection; Lifestyle; Nutrition; Diets; Medical Condition; Influence; Health Problems; Diseases; Illnesses; Ailments; Disorder; Holistic Approach; Alternatives; Treatments; META- Health; Perspective


The Art And Science Of Self-Healing # 6: What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Johannes R. Fisslinger describes the concept of Lifestyle Medicine. Furthermore, let us understand the aspects of Lifestyle medicine and their role in the prevention and treatment of any health disorder.  

Lifestyle Medicine; Art; Science; Self-Healing; Lifestyle Prescriptions; Objectives; Educate; Inspire; Awareness; Body-Mind Connection; Lifestyle; Nutrition; Diets; Medical Condition; Influence; Health Problems; Diseases; Illnesses; Ailments; Disorder; Holistic Approach; Alternatives; Treatments; META- Health; Perspective