Role of Cosmic Process

Andrew Cohen talks about the role of cosmic process in awakening us to the deep perspective of ourselves. Learn more about how we can access our enlightened awareness and consciously create the future.

Role; Cosmic Process; Awakening; Deep Perspective; Important; Evolution; Cultural Revolution; Greatest Gift; Universe; Consciously; Access; Enlightened Awareness


The Different Stages of Enlightenment

Andrew Cohen defines the meaning of being enlightened and its different stages. Andrew tells us, what it is like to experience enlightened awareness. In addition, find out the role of culture in interpreting the experience of enlightenment.

Different; Stages; Enlightenment; Experiencing; Awareness; Consciousness; Role; Culture; Interpreting; Experience; Enlightened

Awakening to the Consciousness

Andrew Cohen explains the meaning of awakening to the consciousness. He believes that awakening to the consciousness is the infinite ground in which the world emerges. Learn more about consciousness and how can awakening to the consciousness, give us a sense of freedom and be able to make different choices.

Awakening; Consciousness; Infinite; Ground; Entire; World; Emerges; Awaken; Experience; Freedom; Different Choices; Nature; Mind; Happens

The Old and New Enlightenment

Andrew Cohen talks about the three levels through which human beings experience a creative drive in their process. Andrew shares his views on how we can contribute to the world and the different expression between the old and the new enlightenment.

Old; New; Enlightenment; Desire; Exist; Creative Process; Three Levels; Experience Drive; Creative Process; Awaken; Consciousness; Expression; Higher Purpose; Contribute; World; Different

Enlightenment and the Creative Impulse

Andrew Cohen shares his perspective on enlightenment. He believes that, being enlightened it to awaken the deeper part of the self. Andrew tells us about the new expression in the manifestation of enlightenment and the concept of the creative impulse in human beings.

Enlightenment; Creative Impulse Awakening; Deeper Part; Self; Yoga; Manifestation; New Expression

Learning Yoga in India

Titans of Yoga Series:

Larry Payne, PhD., shares his experience of learning yoga in India and the advantages of having a yoga teacher. Moreover, Larry talks about the growing knowledge and popularity of yoga in the western culture and the options for having a yoga teacher in America.

Journey; India; Learn; Yoga; Practice; Guru; Yoga Teacher; Growing; Popularity; Knowledge; Hatha Yoga; India; America; Indian Culture; Setting; Customs; Western Culture; Alternatives

Indra Devi and Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Larry Payne, PhD., talks about Indra Devi, a well renowned yoga teacher, who helped to spread the practice of yoga in the western culture. Larry describes the journey of Indra Devi, right from her stay in India and her relentless efforts to learn yoga, to starting her own yoga studio in America.

Indra Devi; Yoga; Live In The Moment; Visualize; Yoga Teacher; Travelling; Swami Krishnamacharia; India; Indian Culture; Yogic Literature; Student; Yoga Studio; America


Optimizing Positive Thoughts

Titans of Yoga Series:

Larry Payne, PhD., shows us, how by optimizing our positive thoughts, we can accomplish many goals in our life. Find out his views on the laws of attraction and positive thinking in goal setting.

Optimize; Positive Thinking; Setting Goals; Focus; Mind; Think; Accomplish; Law Of Attraction; Planning; Yoga; Moment; Starting Things; Completing Tasks; Visualizations

Important Elements of Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Larry Payne, PhD., shares his insights on the diverse elements of yoga. Furthermore, Larry shows talks about the various aspects of yoga due to its versatile applications, in matters of health, fitness, relationships, etc.

Important; Elements; Yoga; Diverse; Aspects; Health Issues; Improvements; Relationships; Treat; Fitness; Athlete; Yoga Practice; Benefits; Reasons; Aspects; Applications; Health; Advanced Breathing Techniques 


Significance of a Guru in Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Larry Payne, PhD., shares his insights on the significance of having a guru in yoga. Moreover, learn about the contributions made by the various yoga gurus in yogic literature and practice.

Significance; Yoga Guru; Need; Contributions; Yoga Teacher; Understand; Religion; Spirituality; Discipline; Mind-Body Connection; Literature; Organizations; Teachings; Adapt; Cultures

Understanding the Yoga Philosophy

Titans of Yoga Series:

Larry Payne, PhD., discusses the philosophy of yoga. In addition, Larry helps us understand how yoga is not a religion, but a guide to discipline the mind, body, and soul.

Yoga; Philosophy; Hinduism; Yoga Teachers; Gurus; Understand; Religion; Spirituality; Discipline; Mind-Body Connection; Message; Patanjali; Yoga Practice; Objective


Starting Yoga Practice

Titans of Yoga Series:

Larry Payne, PhD., talks about how he started practicing yoga. Find out how yoga practice helped him recover from his health issues and inspire to pursue a career as a yoga teacher. Furthermore, learn about Larry’s modifications to the yoga practice, in order to suit and adapt to the western culture.

Yoga; Practice; Started; Health; Benefits; Recovery; Illnesses; Health Problems; Inspire; Career; Yoga Teacher; Popular; Organizations; Teachings; Adapt; Cultures; Indian Culture; Western Culture; Modifications


Health Improvements with Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Larry Payne, PhD., discusses the benefits of yoga. Moreover, Larry shows us how yoga can help to reduce stress and discipline the body, to bring an overall sense of well-being to our lives.

Yoga; Benefits; Health; Influence; Profound; Effect; Impact; Reduce; Stress; Lifestyle; Pressure; Improve; Blood Circulation; Lower; Blood Pressure; Discipline; Mind; Body; Soul; Sense; Wellbeing

Yoga and Self-Acceptance

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe explains how yoga teaches us self-acceptance, as she believes that the way we treat ourselves, eventually affects the world. In addition, Sara helps us understand, why it is important to love ourselves truly, regardless of our imperfections.

Yoga; Self-Acceptance; Treat; Affect; World; Microcosm; Self-Love; Battles; Challenges; Imperfections; Mistakes; Sorrows; Unhappiness; Resentments; Punish; Blame

Concept of Sustainability

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe believes that, people often fail to understand the concept of sustainability in yoga. Learn how we can use our body’s resources more sustainably and in turn enhance our yoga practice.

Concept; Sustainability; Body’s Resources; Exhausted; Tired; Improper; Yoga; Practice; Fighting; Stressed Out; Improper Breath; Yogis; Align; Purpose; Vishnu; Ramayana; Incarnation; Enlightened; Meditation; Deep Breathing; Awakened

Key Features of Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe highlights the key features about yoga practice and the aspects of yoga that help people to exist in harmony. Furthermore, Sara talks about how people are able to relate to yoga differently and hence, the reason to practice yoga varies.

Key Features; Yoga; Reason; Different; Path; Powerful; Yoga Practice; Cuts Across Caste; Hatha Yoga; Physical Aspect; Breathing; Meditation; Exist; Harmony


Channelize Your Energy with Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe talks about how yoga helped her to channelize her energy in the right direction. Furthermore, find out why Sara believes that, yoga acts as a tool, to understand ourselves better and focus our energy in an appropriate manner.

Channelize; Energy; Yoga Practice; Suit; High Energy; Channelize; Right Way; Focus; Allows; One Direction; Understand; Ourselves; Deep Breathing; Meditation; Asanas; Control

Yoga – Different Perspective to Problems

Titans of Yoga Series:

Sara Ivanhoe talks about how yoga gave her the ability to perceive her health problems differently. In addition, find out how with the help of Yoga Nidra, Sara was able to deal with her severe health issue of insomnia.

Different Perspective; Health Problems; Stress; Yoga Practice; Path Of Health; Biggest Challenge; Severe; Insomnia; Childhood Problem; Toddler; Frequent; Debilitating; Panic; Worries; Yoga Nidra; Yogic Sleep; Deep Meditation Practice; Change; Relationship; Problems


Enlightenment Brings Equanimity

Titans of Yoga Series:

Vinnie Marino shares his insights on enlightenment and believes that, it helps to bring equanimity in life. Furthermore, learn about his views on the advantages of practicing yoga.

Enlightenment; Best Person; Equanimity; Preference; Happy; Challenging; Observing Mentality; Physical Aspect; Importance; Breathing; Meditation; Areas; Body; Yoga Benefits; Energy Flows; Advantages; Life Forces; Awaken


Making the Right Choices with Yoga

Titans of Yoga Series:

Vinnie Marino talks about how yoga helped him in making the right choices and surviving through the negative influences around him. Find out his relation with yoga and the transformation that came through it.

Making; Right Choices; Practicing; Yoga; Yoga Class; Daily; Challenging; Survival; Healing; Aware; Conscious; Actions; Thoughts; Positivity; Sex Drugs; Psychedelics; Positivity; Self- Recovery; Negative Influences; Relation; Yoga; Transformation