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My Specialty: I am specialized in offering “Second Opinion Consultations” for cancer and chronic disease!

How I can help you: I am offering heart-to-heart guidance to help you find your way back to a healthy, happy and vibrant life! It is my passion and purpose to assist you if you truly want to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

About Me: I am a Psychotherapist since 1993 and a German Naturopath, specialized in supporting people with cancer and chronic disease since 1995. Also a professional Teacher and Speaker with different health topics worldwide since 1997. I am co-author of “Process Orientated Cancer Therapy”, published in 2001! And I am trained to be a Sensitive Healer – sitting weekly in 2 training circles for over 10 years. I love people and the deep seeded creative potential that belongs to every single individual.

Modalities and Certifications:

  • Psychotherapy at Paracelsus Academy Stuttgart Germany
  • Official Accreditation of Naturopathy in Germany
  • Training in Darkfield Diagnosis, German New Medicine, Orthomolecular Therapy, Omega Health-Coach™, Omega Life-Coach™ and Emotional Balance™ with Dr. Roy Martina, in Germany and Netherlands
  • LEB®/S, Sensitive Life-Energy-Coach, Sensitivity- and Healer Training with Knauss/Sonnenschmidt.
  • Miasmatic Homeopathy with Dr. med. Peter Gienow Psycho-Kinesiology after Dr. med. Klinghardt USA
  • Human-Design®, Penta-Design®, Health-Design®, Venus- und Pearl-Design® Analyst and Coaching, 64 keys Analyst
  • META-Health® Master TrainerDiagnosis and Therapy
  • Coach and Trainer for Bi-Lo PS®, Meta-Scan® and Delta-Scan®
  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist and Trainer

Location: Online consultations worldwide via Skype or Zoom.

Languages: German, English

Services Offered: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Consultations

What a wealth of knowledge

Christa has a wealth of knowledge gleened from years of training and experience. Her combination of naturopathic skills and Lifestyle Prescriptions training is a hit!

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This is a true Holistic MIND work!

Dr. Krahnert is simply brilliant at understanding how the mind work and amazing on how to bring the issues to pass.

Thank you so much! I truly recommend Dr. Krahnert!

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Powerful change and inner growth

Christa has vast knowledge, intuition and skill that she brings to every client session, giving the client the opportunity to make inner changes through deeper understanding of their own inner mind processes. She gracefully guides you, through her wisdom and experience, to the level of health you are willing to reach.

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