Wealth of knowledge and experience

Cindy has a vast amount of knowledge and skills. She is compassionate, kind, a great listener. She is an inspirational speaker and a born leader. I know Cindy is already making a big difference to people’s lives with all her experience.

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See Positive Changes in your health!

Cindy’s many years experience in a highly stressful career has given her a deep insight in how to deal with stress using the many tools she has at her fingertips. Cindy is able to get to the root cause of your physical and emotional symptoms and help release unwanted patterns, resulting in healing of your mind and body

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Excellent skills

I would definitely recommend Cindy for anyone who is looking for someone to trust and work on themselves at a deeper level. Excellent skills!

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The way you think will be different after this session!

Being a master Hypnosis and NLP is a fabulous tools to reframe the sick mind which can cause our health challenges. She master the root-cause of all symptoms.

Thank you so much! I truly recommend Cindy!

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Cindy's sessions are awesome!

Cindy’s sessions are awesome! She’s able to use NLP with Lifestyle Prescriptions and the two approaches combined are super powerful. As a coach Cindy is dynamic and has a really great balance of being sensitive yet challenging. I value her highly. I’m sure she could help anyone. meet their goals.



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