If you really desire to earn credentials but feel or believe “I don’t have the funds or income“, then know that you’re not alone and we’re here to help.

Talk to our admissions team for a financial aid evaluation.

Students may apply for a scholarship to receive merit-based financial aid granted by the government, university or any other organization for proven achievements.

Fellowship may be granted as a status within an academic institution with or without financial aid to research fellows for working on a particular subject under the supervision of an expert faculty, professor, head of the department.

Grants are need-based financial aid offered to students in financial need.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® College offers tuition credits to qualifying military veterans with an approved DD214. Additional, scholarships and grants for military personal and veterans may be available.

Depending on your financial situation and your individual needs we might be able to offer payment plans or loan programs available through government or private organizations. Ask us for details.