Doctor Degree in Health Coaching (DrHC)

Set yourself apart. Lead the way. Achieve something significant by completing and earning your doctorate in Health Coaching or Lifestyle Medicine.

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Update: We are currently in the process of applying for licensing and accreditation and plan to offer degree programs starting 2020. Start your journey now and join our upcoming Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach or the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist Training which will be fully applied and credited towards any degree program you may consider in the future.


The Doctorate in Health Coaching or Lifestyle Medicine offered through Lifestyle Prescriptions University is an advanced award designed for health professionals who can demonstrate leadership and expertise in their area of work and make contributions to the development of services in organisations and in their profession through innovative practice, research and education. The award requires both evidence of competence at an advanced practical level and completion of a dissertation and significant project in work based studies.

Learning Outcomes

You’ll learn to demonstrate an in-depth, advanced knowledge of the Art and Science of Self-Healing, Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine principles; be confident and competent in using a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis and root-cause based health coaching skills, techniques and protocols; implement root-cause based strategies to allow clients improve their lifestyle habits; establish yourself as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist in your field of practice and help to move this field forward through your research and expertise.


The Doctorate Degree Program includes courses, graduate coursework, practice and dissertation with a total of 60 credits.

  • PHD1 – Introduction to Research and Academic Work
  • PHD2 – Dissertation Methodology, Design & Guidelines
  • PHD3 – PhD Dissertation Proposal and Review
  • PHD4 – PhD Practicum I
  • PHD5 – PhD Practicum II
  • PHD6 – Doctoral Dissertation Research I
  • PHD7 – Doctoral Dissertation Research II
  • PHD8 – Doctoral Dissertation Research III
  • PHD9 – Writing dissertation I
  • PHD10 – Writing dissertation II
  • PHD11 – Writing dissertation III
  • PHD12 – Dissertation Defense


Doctoral students are required to write a dissertation that significantly advances the knowledge in the field. The topic of the dissertation is chosen by the student in consultation with mentors, and must represent independent design and analysis. Students may choose to collect primary data or analyze existing data. The dissertation must demonstrate an understanding of the theory, content, and methods in that topic area and must conform to university guidelines.

Accreditations & Certificates

You will be awarded your Doctorate in Health Coaching or Lifestyle Medicine.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must possess a valid Master’s degree from Lifestyle Prescriptions University or another accredited institution and they must submit their Master’s capstone project, a current CV plus one professional letter of recommendation.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Contact us for a detailed overview of the Ph.D. degree tuition including potential credits, financial aid and sponsorship options.

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