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Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches have extensive experience in finding the 6 Root-Causes of your chronic symptoms and use effective and root-cause based Self-Healing Techniques and Protocols to help you heal and thrive. Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches have completing a 250 hour certification training at Lifestyle Prescriptions University.

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Joanne Davis
Swannells Walk, Mill End, Rickmansworth WD3 5FH, UK
My Specialty: Restoring clients back to optimal health by targeting and eliminating root cause issues. How I can help you: We will look at […]
Johannes R. Fisslinger
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Helping you resolve chronic symptoms like digestive, muscular-skeletal diseases and other health & life challenges! How I can help you […]
Yasmine Farouk M.A
Dubai, UAE
My Specialty: Emotion regulation, lifestyle management, vision planning, heart-mind-soul, family coaching How I can help you: Get the the […]
Dr. Jane Oelke
815 Main Street, Suite 17, St Joseph, MI 49085, USA
My Specialty: Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, auto-immune symptoms, EMF sensitivity, digestion problems, metabolism, depression, anxiety, back […]
Pamela Neves
101 McCagg Rd, Valatie, NY 12184, USA
My Specialty: My specialty is Functional Health & Emotional Eating Coaching. Create Peace with food and your body so you can finally fe […]
Mavis Ureke
Bo-Karoo, South Africa
My Specialty: All Emotional Issues How I can help you: I help you understand your emotions and how you can manage and leverage them  for h […]
John Rhodes
My Specialty: Anxiety, Claustrophobia, Depression, Asthma, Chronic illnesses How I can help you: I can make you well! By finding the root […]
Hans Jorgen Poulsen
Reykjavik, IS
My Specialties: Lifestyle Prescriptions® for Stress Management. How I can help you: Our bodies turnover of not only what we eat and what […]
Bobbi Farrell
31 Kootenay Pl W, Lethbridge, AB T1K 6V6, Canada
My Specialty: Transformational healing. How I can help you: I am an energetic healer that specializes in root cause analysis. I can listen […]
Emma Patricio
Barmouth UK
My Specialty: Clearing the negative emotions behind your health symptoms. How I can help you: Get the the root-cause quickly and motivate […]
Deborah Wiggins-Hay
Castle End Farm, Lea, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, United Kingdom
My Specialty: HeartMath 1 on 1 trainer in Stress Reduction and Resilience Building; Disease & Health Coach with particular interest in […]
Avnita Suri
26 Heton Gardens, Hendon, London NW4 4XS, UK
My Specialty: Back and other musculoskeletal issues, regardless of physical diagnoses. I have helped clients with fibromyalgia, trapped ne […]
TillyLou James
London, UK
My name is TillyLou James and quite simply, I’m passionate about helping people to reach their full potential in life. I trained as a Phys […]
Sonali Sikdar
Chembur (East), Mumbai – 400071.
My Specialty: I am specialized working with people on Heart , Bone and Skin issues; and also Phobias, Anxiety and psychological symptoms. […]
Liliana Mirza
14592 Wilkinson Rd, Dewitt, VA 23840, USA
My Specialty: Holistic healing, focusing on the body, mind and spirit. As someone who struggled with acne for many years, I know the trigg […]
Christa Krahnert ND
PO Box 13 90 Broadbeach 4218 Australia
My Specialty: Root Cause Analysis, Biochemistry, Nutrigenetic/Microbiome, Epigenetic and Trauma Release. Over 30 years of Professional Gui […]
Dr. Stephane Provencher
8006 Crescent Park Drive Gainesville VA, 20155 USA
My Specialty: Complicated Cases. Everybody failed you, I know I will find the root-causes (cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, […]
Beatrice Pozsar
Strada Virgil Madgearu 24, Timișoara, Romania
My Specialty: Nutrition & healty eating, lifestyle changes & coaching. How I can help you: Knowing yourself and understanding whic […]
Chris Botha
745 Clive Ave, Moreletapark, Pretoria, 0044, South Africa
My Specialty: Specializing in breast, ovaries, prostate cancer and all related illnesses. How I can help you: Fined the root-cause of all […]
Jodie Ross
Mornington Victoria (Melbourne) 3931 Australia
My Specialty: All things women’s health and life challenges – emotionally, physically and energetically. This includes; pregnancy, birth, f […]
Lucinda Rost
2085 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635, USA
My Specialty: Overcome the rife of a cancer diagnosis. How I can help you: As Owner/Operator of Unique Body Balance Wholeness Center, I pr […]
Vera Novak
Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
  My Specialty: Dizziness, Vertigo, Lightheadedness, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Skin issues, Thoracic Outlet Synd […]
Hans Jorgen Poulsen
Södra Inägogatan 5, 418 76 Göteborg, Sweden
My Specialties: Lifestyle Prescriptions® for Stress Management. How I can help you: Our bodies turnover of not only what we eat and what […]
Kumudha “Gita” Jayakumar
194 Saint Marys Road , Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028, IN
How I can help you: I offer classes and 1:1 sessions, both online and in person. My whole body solutions cover mental, emotional and spirit […]
Aisling Killoran
19 Kingston Lawn, Kingstown, Dublin 16, D16 NX64, Ireland
My Specialty: Fertility, IVF, Pregnancy Support, Women's Health Issues Are you dealing with unexplained infertility issues or having dif […]
Sharon Curry
4 Bluebell Way, Goring by Sea, Worthing, West Sussex BN12 5BW United Kingdom
My Specialty: Breast Cancer How I can help you: Having been through the diagnosis of breast cancer myself, I understand some of the concer […]
Lena Hillnertz Olsten
Torsgatan 11D, 111 23 Stockholm, Sweden
My Specialty: Stress Management, Root-Cause based Health Coaching I meet a lot of clients that struggle with and are very stressed about w […]
Cindy Galvin
58 South Molton Street, London
My Specialty: Confidence, Stress, Insomnia, Peak Performance How I can help you: I look at your life overall, which includes relationships […]
Jo Trewartha
144 Summerfields Ave, Halesowen, B62 9NU, UK
My Specialty: Using subconscious transformational modalities to help you understand your illness quickly and make effective optimal changes […]
Gregory Dean
Baltimore, Maryland
My Specialty: Self-Healing through Organ-Mind-Brain Connection How I can help you: I work with the ‘health’ of your body-mind-social relat […]
Cindy Hubka
PO Box 3150, Claresholm, Alberta
My Specialty: All health issues and stress situations; birthing with hypnosis; prenatal; parenting and relationships. How I can help you: […]
Linda Ellerker
Brampton, Ontario
My Specialty: I empower those who “help” others. Chronic patterns that continue to present Health and Life Challenges. How I can help you: […]
Roanne Bacchus
Florence, SC; Jersey City, NJ; online via Zoom
My Specialty: I work with all symptoms. How I can help you: Know the WHY and HOW of your health issues and helping you heal and thrive. […]
Dr. Sujeet Kumar Gupta
Mumbai, India and Hong Kong, China.
My Specialty: Specialized in Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching which includes Ayurveda, Nutrition, Root Cause Analysis, EFT, Quantum […]