Cindy Hubka

My Specialty: All health issues and stress situations; birthing with hypnosis; prenatal; parenting and relationships.

How I can help you: I love working with people and helping them empower themselves through releasing their past perspectives that no longer serve them in every aspects of their lives. We came into this life with a purpose and an ability to heal ourselves and be our best. I love helping people remember their truth and reach their potential in all areas of their life.

About Me: I have always been interested in health – beginning my journey working in the Allopathic Health system. This helped me to define dis-ease based on an ailing perspective. Moving into the Alternative therapies and the Energetic field of healing enabled me to define the root of our health issues, the time lines of our healing abilities and the powerful force of our innate ability to enable ourselves to move into the mind, body, spirit and social potential that we always held. I LOVE my work!

Modalities and Certifications: An R.N.B.N. x 30 years; Reiki – level 2; EFT – Adv.; Hypnotherapy/Counselling; NLP Practitioner; Psych K Practitioner; META-Health Master Practitioner; Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coach.

Location: Online consultations available on Skype and Facebook; face to face

Languages: English

Unnamed Road, Vanderhoof, British Columbia V0J
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