Eileen Strong

My Specialty:  IBS / digestive issues & stress-related symptoms

How I can help you: I am passionate about helping you help Yourself to better health and a happier life, using the Lifestyle Prescriptions root-cause based approach based on lifestyle medicine and groundbreaking transformative techniques and protocols.

This is such a refreshing approach to health because it helps you learn more about why your symptoms have developed, what has triggered them, and kept them in place for so long….

Once the root causes are understood, I look forward together to helping you take your next steps on the journey back to optimum health, making small sustainable changes  so you have the highest chance of success.

About Me: I have a 15 year+ background in complimentary & alternative approaches to health.

By exploring the root causes of my own health issues, such as lower back pain, severe sciatica, thyroid issues and digestive upsets, I’ve learnt that a return to health is not just about taking pills prescribed by a doctor, but also about committing to personal effort, making changes on all levels of being:  mind, body, emotional, social & environmental level.  When we can understand our body messages more fully, it helps us let go of fear and replace it with trust.  This seemingly small shift in perception alone can not only be empowering, but absolutely life-changing.

Modalities and Certifications: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, EFT & Meridian Energy Therapies Advanced Practitioner, Quantum-Touch Instructor/Practitioner,  Reiki Practitioner, Hydrotherm Massage Therapist, Pregnancy Massage, Cancer Touch Therapist/Anatomy&Physiology.

Location: Online consultations available via Skype/Zoom/Messenger, In-person – Milford,  Nr Belper, Derbyshire UK

Languages: English

Derwent Avenue, Milford, Belper, England DE56 0RB

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