Glen Gillard

My Specialty: ThermoBuzzer Thermography Imaging for Anti-Aging , Recovery from Chronic Illness, Pain Management and Improved Sports Performance

How I can help you: A broadly trained Naturopath for over 40 years and use many tools. Acugraph, Auricular therapy, Cyberscan, Oligoscan, Oxygen and Hydrogen therapies PEMF, Rapid Release, and Urine and Saliva analysis and Thermobuzzer helps me dig deeper to find the underlying stressors pulling the body out of balance and shows where the healing is taking place in the bodies energy field.

About Me: Seek to find the imbalances so the body can be nurtured back to health and wellbeing.

Modalities and Certifications: Diplomas in Naturopathy, Clinical Ecology, Hypnotherapy and Iridology

Location: Brisbane, or on Skype worldwide

Languages: English

10 Telopia Avenue, Wavell Heights, Queensland 4012

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